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Meet Maryam Edah-Tally, Ernst & Young's 2017 Teen Entrepreneur Of The Year. She is now 20 years old and host of the "Quit Horsing Around" podcast. She is best known for founding Fleur À Cheval, the 1st e-Commerce business to sell handcrafted floral accessories for horses.

Maryam is currently in her last year of studies at the Mihaylo College of Business & Economics, and will be graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration (emphasis in Professional Business) in December 2020. She completed all four years of high school by the time she was 16, and gave the Valedictorian speech at the graduation ceremony. 


Maryam is a well-seasoned entrepreneur and her career hit off at age 13 when she competed in the TYE (Tie Young Entrepreneurs) program at Chapman University. She worked hands on with CEO’s from various industries to put together two startups that she pitched at age 13 and 15; eventually winning the semi-finals round both years. 

Maryam's diverse exposure as well as certifications including a graduate of the FBI Teen Academy, Ambassador for the National Society of High School Scholars, and delegate for the Congress of Future Leaders, opened up many opportunities for her in the corporate field. She was an assistant legal intern at the Law Offices of Ulwelling | Siddiqui, former intern at Tech Coast Venture Network (TCVN), was asked to sit on the Board of Directors at age 17, and at age 18 was appointed the Executive Director of the company.


Maryam is known for her vibrant & youthful entrepreneurial spirit that fueled her company Fleur À Cheval, the first e-Commerce business to sell floral accessories for a horses mane and tail. It launched in March 2016 on Etsy, two months in, she hit international sales. Maryam has recruited over 50 Global Brand Ambassadors who help with the company’s PR, marketing, and sales. Fleur À Cheval not only sells products but also empowers equestrians all over the world to pursue their own entrepreneurial endeavors. 

Maryam was named 2017 Tech Coast Venture Network Teen Entrepreneur and held an internship with them where she spearheaded admin, marketing and sales. After seeing her work ethic and drive, she was offered a spot on the board of the organization- once again being the youngest board member. Maryam entered the Get A Taste of Success Statewide Business Plan Competition hosted by the Doing What Matters initiative through the California Community Colleges to pitch her business. She was the Southern California Regional winner and was chosen as one of the top 3 Finalists in the State of California, where she took home first place with a $1,500 check.

Maryam had the opportunity to work with industry executives as a teenager, and was personally mentored by Forbes Top Keynote Speaker, David Meltzer. They both shared the stage in Mexico as keynote speakers at the 2018 Junior Achievement Global Youth Forum. Maryam also had the opportunity to travel to New York and work with Gary Vaynerchuck and shadow NFL Pro-Hall of Famer Quarterback, Warren Moon.

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Horses are a big part of Maryam's life. She spent time at the barn with these majestic creatures while she was training for Nationals & ISI World Recreational Championships. This was her escape and a way to relax from the intense skating schedule. Low and behold, Maryam ended ended up falling in love with horses, and quit her career as a competitive figure skater. 

She now has a horse named Ares, who is a rescues Arabian gelding. Ares is the center of her universe, and is a complete FOOD ADDICT with a huge personality! 


STILL 20...

Yes- despite all the accolades you've read above, Maryam is still only 20! She was born in a suburb of London, and she lives her parents live in California, while the rest of the family lives in England and Mauritius. 


Amidst her high performance life, Maryam still enjoys spending time with friends, taking dance classes and just letting lose! Her whole mission is to empower the youth to discover their true potential, not get caught up in the ego, and maintain a cohesive/positive balance between all aspects of life as they embark on goals and ambitions. 

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